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Nationals are approaching at a furious pace. Here is information on arrival transportation and lodging. If you have any question please get a hold of me by Friday. I fly out of here on Saturday morning.

Airport Arrival Instructions

Arrival # 1 (DeGraaf, Elliott, Sabatino, Thornberry, Hartley, Kunard, and Strom) all arrive in Fresno between 1128 and 1228 on Tuesday, 20 April. You will all link up at the Dollar Rental Car Counter in the Fresno Terminal. Dave DeGraaf will pick up a mini van and transport you all to Lemoore NAS (Approx 1 hour from the airport).

Arrival # 2 (Cammack, Zierdt, Sheppard). Cammack and Zierdt will link up at the Dollar Rental Car Terminal in San Jose at 1130 on 20 Apr. We will drive to Fresno and pick up Carl Sheppard at the Fresno Airport at 1544. Meet us at the Dolar Rental Car counter.

Arrival # 3 (Van Houten). Dave DeGraaf will pick you up at the Fresno airport at 2220. Meet at the Dollar Rental Car counter.

Arrival # 4 (Stevens). TBD, Let me know on the status of a rental car.

Arrival # 5 (Gabel). Will be picked up by his wife on Wed 21 Apr.

If something goes wrong with your flight leave a message for Dave DeGraaf at the Navy Lodge 209-998-5791. If you can not get a hold of him, call Pat Thome (Coach's wife) on her cell phone.


Click here to see the room assignments. The person with the asterisk by his name has the reservation. He will give his credit card upon check in and pay for the room with it. I will write a check to cover the cost of the room at the end of the week. For those of you with single rooms, I will write a check for 1/2 of the room cost.

Lemoore NAS

Directions (From Fresno): Head south on Hwy 41 to Hwy 198 (30-40 miles depending on where in Fresno you start). Head West on Hwy 198 for 6 miles. NAS Lemoore will be on your right. Take a right and go thru the gate. Take a right on Avenger Ave. Take your first Left on Hancock Avenue. Take your first right on Hancock circle. Stay straight until you run into the Navy Lodge. The phone number for the Navy Lodge is 209-998-5791.

We will stay at NAS Lemoore on Tuesday and Wednesday night (April 20-21). After practice on Wednesday we will all travel to the Quality Suites Hotel in Fresno.

Quality Suites

Directions (From NAS Lemoore): Take Hwy 198 east to Hwy 41 North. Take Hwy 41N into Fresno and exit on Shaw Ave. Turn right. The phone number is (209) 229-5811. Rooms will be handled the same way as above. The same person who paid for the hotel room at Lemoore should pay again. This will reduce the number of checks that I have to write.


Armed Forces Sports has picked up most of the costs for nationals. You will have to pay the following: Airfare, Food, $35 USA Team Handball Membership, $25 Knight Air Membership.


We have new dark uniforms with matching shorts this year. Bring both dark and light shirts for the 4 practices on Wed and Thur.