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The History of Knight Magic

by Kevin Hutchison

In 1993 Amanda was contacted by Vic Lindenmeyer (an aviation officer) while I was on a FTX at Ft. Riley. He said that we needed a Team Handball Club, and that we were the ones to start it. By the time I got out of the field, Amanda had already done most of the groundwork and Knight Magic was formed.

Many of us had become hooked on the sport during our tenure at West Point, but had no outlet or affiliation with any team once we graduated. Given the nature of our jobs and the government's propensity deploy us everywhere, it is difficult for us to practice with or join teams. So, Amanda and I started Knight Magic, gaining our roots from the Black Knights of our Alma Mater, and choosing team colors of Grey and Blue--representative of our days as cadets and our active (for most of us) Army status--from "Army Blue".

Next came the selection of a coach. We ruled out having a player-coach as this is a difficult job and having a coach lends stability and legitimacy to the organization. We decided to ask LTC (Ret) Jim Thome, who had coached many of us, to take on the responsibility. He has done so for five years now and has been a tremendous asset to the team. Amanda and I have handled most of the paperwork, mailings, phone calls, and recruiting. In the last two years John Zierdt (an Infantry Officer but an OK guy in spite of that) has been picking up many of the support and equipment requirements while we have been in Germany. He has also put together and run the Webpage.

While the competition is a major factor in our attendance each year, equally compelling is the opportunity to see old friends and teammates. We have been fortunate; our team has become and extended family with members staying in touch from all over the world, both in and out of the Army, attending each others weddings, etc. I hope we can see everyone again this year; My attendance is questionable due to possible military commitments but I'll do my best to be there.