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> 1998 US CISM Team Handball
> Training Camp: 20-31 July 1998
> Hosted by US Air Forces in Europe
> Sembach, Germany
> Prepared: 14 Jul 98
> The purpose of this document is to detail arrangements for the training
> camp for the US CISM Handball Team, 20-31 Jul, Sembach Germany.  It is a
> working document and should be viewed as such.  It includes answers to
> all questions thus far posed by the team captain, coach and Armed Forces
> Sports Office.  Changes/additions to the proposed plan must be
> coordinated with Debra Ponzio at the US Air Forces in Europe Sports
> Office.   The goal is to have all camp information consolidated into one
> document.
> Sembach, Germany
> *	Sembach is located one hour southwest of the Frankfurt Int'l
> Airport.
> *	Sembach is a small annex of Ramstein Air Base, which is located
> 20-30 minutes away.  Sembach has a commissary, small shoppette with
> bookstore/movie rental, lodging, theater, medical/dental facilities,
> fitness center, library, post office and combined club.
> *	Weather:  temperature normally averages between 55 to 73 degrees
> Fahrenheit.  Expect to see some rain.  We've been wearing light jackets
> for the past couple of weeks.
> US Delegation
> *	Mission Chief, Col Gary Chamberlin
> *	Team Captain, Major Winston Earle
> *	Coach, Mr Jim Thome
> *	Trainer, Maj Thomas Duquette
> *	Athletes (16): Capt Lee Van Houten, Capt John Zierdt III, Capt
> Kevin Hutchison, Capt Steven Smith, Capt Michael Thornberry, Capt
> Jeffrey Gabel, Capt David Degraaf, Capt Mike Dellert, 1Lt  Timothy
> Dukeman, 1Lt Phillip Parker, 2Lt  Jonathon Hartley, 2Lt Reubin Felkey,
> 2Lt Jeff Kunard, 2Lt Thad Weist, 2Lt Matthew Sabatino, 2Lt Rick Capka
> *	Officials (2): will travel directly to Romania.  Need no support
> from USAFE or Sembach.
> Lodging: 
> *	All athletes have single rooms with adjoining baths. Bathrooms
> are equipped with hair dryers.  Each room has a double bed, TV/VCR,
> refrigerator (stocked), coffee machine, phone, ironing board/iron, and
> clock radio.  The third floor kitchen area has a microwave that is
> shared by all building residents.  There are washers, dryers and an ice
> machine in the basement. All rooms have 220 volt electricity only.
> *	Maj Earle and Maj Duquette have single rooms the same as
> athletes.  Lt Col Thome will have a suite. Col Chamberlin has a suite
> assigned for the night of 30 Jul.  Suites are equipped with microwaves.
> *	Calls can be received in lodging but we do not know your room
> number in advance of check-in.  Friends or family may call lodging by
> dialing (from the states) 011-49-6302-4082.  This will get them the
> lodging switchboard.  They can ask the lodging clerk for a connection to
> your room in building 110.  Let the caller know your room number to
> simplify connection the next time they call.
> Dining:
> *	Sembach does not have a military dining facility.  The Sembach
> Club is the only full-service dining facility on the base.  Here is a
> brief description and hours of operation.  If more detailed information
> is needed, just let me know.  
> *	Buffet-style, American breakfast: 
> 		Mon-Fri: 0630-1045, Sat-Sun: 0900-1330 (brunch)
> *	Lunch (cafeteria-style): Mon-Fri: 1100-1300.  
> 		Includes hot foods, sandwiches, and salads. 
> *	Dinner (small restaurant with steaks, pasta, seafood, etc): 
> 		Mon-Sat:1730-2100
> *	Commissary:  Sembach has a full-service commissary that is open
> every day except Monday (on arrival day, we can schedule a trip to the
> commissary on Ramstein, if necessary).  The deli makes fresh sandwiches
> Monday-Friday from 1100-1300.
> *	There are plenty of restaurants in the local area and local
> outings can be scheduled.
> Transportation
> *	Airport pick-up and return: A bus has been requested from the
> military motorpool for airport shuttle.  If not approved, a commercial
> shuttle will have to be used.  This will be known by 15 Jul.
> *	Local area transportation:  Vans have been requested from the
> military motorpool.  Approval for three vans is not likely.  Vans have
> been reserved from Hertz at a cost of $700 each for the 10 days.  The
> status of using military vans will be known by 15 Jul.
> Practice Venue:
> *	The gymnasium at the Sembach Fitness Center will be used for
> practices.  Handball lines will be finished by 17 Jul.  The basketball
> goals do not retract.  Prior to lining the floor, we need to know from
> Coach Thome if it is preferred to (1) line up the front of the goal with
> the basketball backboard, (2) recess the goal behind the backboard but
> off to one side (the basketball court has an open-floor area to one side
> allowing for the handball court to be off-center as compared with the
> basketball court).  We have handball goals that were purchased by the US
> Olympic Committee for the US National Teams to train at Sembach.
> *	The Sembach Fitness Center also has locker rooms with saunas,
> free weight and nautilus rooms, cardiovascular equipment and racquetball
> courts. 
> *	Towels, water and Gatorade will be provided during practices.
> Practice Times:
> I still need to work this out with Coach Thome and would like to have
> times arranged in advance of team arrival.   Assuming you would like two
> hours in the morning and two in the afternoon, the best times for the
> Sembach Fitness Center are Monday-Friday, 0900-1100 and 1400-1600.  On
> Saturday and Sunday, it would be best to schedule one practice from
> 1400-1700 (the fitness staff is down to two people and they are only
> open from 1200-1700 on weekends - we can work out something else if you
> feel it necessary).
> Meeting Room:
> There is a small meeting room in the basement of the fitness center.  
> Coach Thome: is a meeting room necessary for evenings or just normal
> business hours?  We have a conference room in our building that may work
> out (the building I work in is between your lodging and the fitness
> center).  I'd like to work this out prior to your arrival.  
> Training Games:
> No luck yet on training games but will continue to work on it.  There's
> rumor of tournament on 26 Jul - I'm trying to register the team.  I made
> a contact with a local Bundesliga team today and may hear something back
> by Thursday.
> Mailing Address:
> *	For mail from the US:  mail from the US should be addressed:
> YOUR NAME/CISM Handball, USAFE Sports Office, Unit 3050 Box 160, APO  AE
> 09136.  Expect priority mail to take approx. seven days and express mail
> to take two or three days.
> *	Other mail:  Mail can be sent to our German address but this is
> not recommended for packages from the US.  If you have a package that is
> too large for the US postal system, please coordinate prior to shipping.
> If not, your package will be delayed in German customs and you may have
> to pay customs and import charges.  On the other hand, if you are
> expecting mail from Europe, please have them use this address:  YOUR
> NAME/CISM Handball, USAFE Sports Office, Geb 111 ZM 227, 67681 Sembach
> (Heuberg) Germany.
> Phone/FAX:
> *	My office phone number is DSN 496-7934/7935, FAX DSN 496-7901,
> Commercial prefix from the states 011-49-6302-67-XXXX, Commercial prefix
> from Germany 06302-67-XXXX.  
> *	My home phone number is 011-49-6301-32468
> *	The Sembach Fitness Center phone number is DSN 496-7140/7530,
> Commercial prefix same as above.  The fax is commercial only: from the
> states 011-49-6302-7542, from Germany 06302-7542.
> Internet/email Access:
> *	For Coach Thome:  I have a computer that is connected to our
> network that you can use for working and for internet/email connection.
> It is available Mon-Fri, 0800-1700.  Please let me know if software
> other than the normal Microsoft package is required.  There are also
> computers at the fitness center that have internet access.
> *	Others:  I haven't had any other requirements for email or
> internet access and don't have the equipment or facilities to supply
> this for everyone.  It is recommended that an internet based email
> system (i.e. hotmail) be used and we can arrange limited access.  For
> those who are bringing their own computers:  computer connections can't
> be made from the phones in the lodging rooms but there is a phone at the
> lodging office that can be used to download email.
> *	Access in Romania - this is pending but we are trying to get an
> answer by the end of this week.
> Medical Information:
> No special immunizations are required for Romania but everyone should be
> up-to-date with normal military requirements:  Tetanus/diptheria (in
> last 10 years), OPV (once as adult), MMR (once as adult), hepatitus A
> (should have started series), meningococcal (within last five years),
> annual flu shot (Oct/Nov 97).  The travel medicine clinic gives Yellow
> Fever (within last ten years) and typhoid (within last 3-5 years)
> immunizations to people who are deployed to Romania for 30 days or more
> but feel it is not necessary in this case.  All immunizations are
> available here but it is preferred that you have them prior to your
> arrival if you feel that you need any.
> Supplies from Armed Forces Sports:
> All seven boxes shipped from the Armed Forces Sports Office arrived 13
> Jul.  They have yet to be opened and inventoried.
> Video Camera:
> I'm not sure what we can do about this.  If you bring one from the
> states, it is not going to play back correctly on a European TV set (it
> is a different system).  I'm sure we could work something out for the
> scrimmage games and while you are at Sembach but we'll have to work out
> something different for Romania.
> Ticket for Col Chamberlin:
> This is being worked between Steve Brown, Air Force Sports, and Major
> Earle, Team Captain.  Received the message on 14 July authorizing TDY
> orders for Col Chamberlin.
> Recommendations for Romania trip:
> Each person should bring a towel, a lock, and a roll of toilet paper to
> Romania.  These can all be purchased while at Sembach.  Do not bother to
> bring any type of water purifier as bottled water will be readily
> available and will be the only water consumed while in Romania.
> Other suggested items may be added to this list.
> This document will be updated and distributed daily, 13-17 Jul.